Saturday, July 11, 2015

30 Hour Famine 2015 - "Hungry for Change"

30-Hour Famine is a no food only water camp which gives campers a first-hand experience to the struggles faced by the less fortunate in the world we live in. By joining the camp, all proceeds from donations would be forwarded to World Vision Malaysia, which is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation.

The event kicked off at 9am, which is the official time for fasting to begin. The opening ceremony was chaired by Guest of Honour President of Rotary Club DiRaja, Rotarian Hardeep Singh, Mr Isaac Ng, a representative of World Vision Malaysia and Mr Jeyagobi, Assistant Vice-Principal of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur. The event was officiated by Mr Isaac Ng followed by a brief introduction to 30-Hour Famine.

After the introduction to 30-Hour Famine, a group shot was taken with all the participants of the camp.

Following the group short, the ice breaking session was held. The first game was to try and put the body parts announced by the facilitators on a big piece of newspaper. Following that game, we had to get to know more people by writing answers to questions asked by the facilitators on other participants. Next, it was announced that the groups were determined not by the color of the ribbons given to the participants but instead the length of the ribbons. After being put into groups, the participants played games to get to know  and bond with their groups. Later at night, mystery game was also held until lights out. Mystery night this year transitioned from a party environment in which the participants could take part in, to a murder scene where a person from the party is killed and the participants have to solve the murder. 

The first activity
Getting to know more people!!

The second day of the camp was started off with morning exercise at 7 in the morning. After morning exercise, there was an obstacle course followed by a 30 minute break and station games after. From 1.15pm - 2.30pm the participants watched a movie and at 2.30pm, the participants headed downstairs to take the group picture. Finally, at 3pm we broke fast.

Morning exercise
Faci's setting up the obstacle course

Group picture!! :D
The wonderful people behind the amazing camp

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