Monday, August 24, 2015

Esprit De Corps - Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School 14'/15'

It is finally time for us to hand over the club to our newly installed juniors. We would like to thank everybody that has supported us throughout our Interact year. We are truly grateful for all your support and contributions regardless of how small it was. Together we hope that we've made a positive impact in the world :) 

Now retiring, the BOD of year 2014/2015
President: Int. Nikisya Toh
Vice President: Int. Ashley Ng
Secretary: Int. Ashlyn Kwong 
Asst. Secretary: Int. Yong Jade Lene 
Treasurer: Int. Liang Ee Rui 
I.U. Director: Int. Tan Jin Yi
Asst. I.U. Director: Int. Nadya Mohan
Comm. Serve Director: Int. Bryan Bin
Asst. Comm. Serve Director: Int. Matthew Martin
Funding Director: Int. Lim Zong Xian
Asst. Funding Director: Int. Adam Eidid
Club Serve Director: Int. Naveen Mathew
Not forgetting the senior Interactors without whom nothing we sought to accomplish this year would be possible. You are truly the embodiment of the club's motto, "Service Above Self". Thank you for endlessly sacrificing your time and effort for the good of the club.

Thank you senior Interactors! 
Our journey has come to a screeching halt but don't fret, a new chapter in the history of the club is about to start! Juniors, make us proud!

Signing off, members of Interact Club 14'/15'

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