Saturday, May 9, 2015

International Understanding Day 2015: Lost in Perudise

We had our 41st annual International Understanding Day themed Lost in Perudise on the 17th of April 2015. Peru was chosen as our country of choice because it was a diverse, interesting and vibrant nation and not many people realize what an amazing place it is. This event was planned over the course of 7 weeks with preparation starting right after our annual cross country on the 28th of February 2015. We planned and practiced during our weekly meetings on Wednesday with all our hearts to give the best for our IU Day. On the day, a rough number of close to 700 people attended our event. Our attendees comprised of Interactors from other schools, Wesleyans, teachers, parents, Rotarians and the Guest of Honour. The event kickstarted at 3.30pm with the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Ambassador of the Republic of Peru, His Excellency Marco V Balarezo, the Rotarians, President Elect Rotarian Hardeep Singh, Past President Rotarian Louis Paul, Rotarian Ong Yu Jian, our principal, Madam Chia Loy Tian and our vice-principal, Madam Pearl Moses. After they were seated, the opening performance began with our "in-flight crew" consisting of food group showing the pre-flight safety demonstration.

Our emcees doing their thing

After the opening performance, the International Unit of Deadly Dancers 5.0 made their appearance onstage. The dance sequence was split into 3 parts about sirens, hypnotism and amazon tribes.
IUDD 5.0
The sketch performed by the sketch group told the story of a family who took a vacation to Peru and learned all about its culture.

The info group also took the stage to present their informative presentation on Peru. They talked about the Machu Picchu, the national animal of Peru, the vicuna, sandboarding which is a popular sport in Peru, and lots of other fun facts about Peru.
Tour guides, Int. Lesley-Ann and Int. Adam Eidid
The chef at the Chifa, Int. Krishaan Ravintharan
Sandboarder, Josh Tenge (Int. Joshua Kuan) telling us about his sport
All of info group onstage

Several speeches were also made throughout the event. Also, we gave out the prizes for the winners of our Instagram competition
IU Director, Int. Tan Jin Yi giving her speech
President-Elect Rotarian Hardeep Singh giving his speech 
Ambassador of the Republic of Peru,
His Excellency Marco V Balarezo giving his speech

To end the event, a closing performance was held by the remaining Interactors. The event ended at 5.35pm and refreshments were served.
Kudos to deco group for setting the atmosphere in the hall and for setting up the photo booth! :D
Group picture of the deco group 
The photo booth 
Our principal and vice principal with the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru
and President Elect Rotarian Hardeep Singh 
A mandatory group photo of the Interact Club of WMSKL
The event was a huge success thanks to the talented and hardworking Interactors of the Interact Club '15, our beloved I.U Directors, Tan Jin Yi and Nadya Mohan, and the teacher advisors, Madam Norhayati, Madam Lavanya and Mr Kenneth.

We hope everyone who attended had a great time and got to know more about Peru. Peru is indeed a magical place with a fascinating history and culture. Thank you for coming to support us and we hope to see more of you next year!! :)

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