Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids Carnival 2011

On the 16th of July 2011, Wesley Methodist Interact Club held its annual Kids Carnival. The objective of the carnival is so that children from less fortunate backgrounds can have a fun-filled day with the Interactors, while interacting with other kids and learning new skills. The kids from Pusat Bantuan Sentul,Praise Emmanuel Children's Home,Ti Ratana Welfare Society and Precious Children's Home were present.

When the kids arrived,we tried to make them feel as welcome as possible. The kids had to register themselves and they were divided into six groups,Pokemon,Phineas & Ferb,Mr. Bean, Dora the Explorer,Popeye and the ever famous Malaysian cartoon- Upin & Ipin. The carnival was officially started when Interactors opened colourful poppers from the 3rd floor. Of course,kids being kids, were delighted at the array of colours.

Then, there was a magic show. The magician showed the kids a few tricks, but the funny thing is, the kids figured it out before the trick was over. After that, the Ice Breakers started. The children started to get excited when ' The Chicken Dance' started playing. Since everyone knew the actions, the children had fun dancing to the song.

After the Ice Breakers, the children headed to the half Basketball Court for a creative session. In this session, dough is layed out for the children and they are provided with rollers and various toppings such as chocolate spreads,sausages,tomato sauce,sprinkles and chocolate chips. The kids were allowed to let their creativity run wild as they made their own customised puffs. Some even tried mixing chocolate spread with sausages and tomato exotic :D

After the creative session, the kids got to play more games. The games included Musical Chairs, Freeze Dancing,Balloon On The Leg and The Newspaper Game. The kids got really into the games and they managed to work up an appetite,so lunch was next on the program.

When the kids were done eating, prizes were given to the winners of the games. Prizes were also given to the best participants. Hampers were given to all six groups, so even those who didn't win anything had something to enjoy. The kids also got one souvenir each,consisting of bubbles,sweets and a customised 'Kids Carnival 11' bookmark. Each child was also allowed to choose one soft toy to take back home. All in all, it was a great day. The kids left with smiles plastered on their faces and soft toys in their arms.

When the kids left, the Interactors stayed back to clean the school up. We had to pick up rubbish from the assembly ground and the canteen and soon enough, it was as clean as before. After that, as is tradition, the Board of Directors 2010/2011 decided to play a little trick on us. As we were taking our Form 4 Interactors group picture, they poured buckets of water on us. Soon, everybody was running around the assembly ground trying to hide for cover but no one was spared and everybody was soaking wet- including the BOD 2010/2011.

It was definetely a day to remember and although there were some minor hiccups,the kids had a great time-and that was the main objective

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