Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Installation 2011

The Interact club of WMS held its 37th annual installation on 24th August 2011. At 2.30, the Interactors got ready at the school chapel. At 3.30, guests and Interactors from other schools arrived. This event was attended by Rotarian Andy Khoo, Rotarian Hardeep Singh,Rotarian Ajmal Khan and Rotarian Louis Paul.

The event started off with an opening ceremony where the outgoing Interactors held a burning candle and the incoming Interactors held an unlit candle. The outgoing Interactors then lit the candles of the incoming Interactors. This symbolised the passing on of light,so the Interactors can make the world a better place.This is also because the theme for the Interact Club of WMS for 2011/2012 is 'Lighting Lives'.This was followed by the singing of the Negaraku and the Interact song.After that,there were speeches by the Principal,the Rotary President,Rotarian Andy Khoo and by the outgoing Interact President, Int. Yeoh Kai Yuan.

Then,we appreciated the Form 5 Interactors by presenting them with certificates. Certificates were also given out to Caring Interactors.Then,the Installation of the Form 4 Interactors and the incoming BOD began.

Incoming Interactors

Outgoing Club Service Director & Incoming Club Service Director

Outgoing Funding Directors & Incoming Funding Directors

Outgoing Community Service Directors & Incoming Community Service Directors

Outgoing I.U. Directors & Incoming I.U. Directors

Outgoing Treasurer & Incoming Treasurer

Outgoing Secretaries & Incoming Secretaries

Outgoing Vice President & Incoming Vice President

Outgoing President & Incoming President

The incoming President, Int. New Wei Jing then delivered her speech. And here, I want to wish a big THANK YOU to the form 5 Interactors for your service to the club for the year 2010 and 2011. Thank you to the BOD for your hard work and dedication.You have indeed made the world a better place! (:

BOD 2010/2011

BOD 2011/2012

The event ended with some light refreshments in the canteen at 5.30.

We would like to thank the Rotarians, teachers and each and every guests who has attended our 37th annual installation!

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