Wednesday, November 4, 2009

35th Annual Interact Club Installation

annual installation was held on the 21st of August. The theme for this year's installation was 'Dare To Care'. We invited the Leo club of our school as well as Interactors from the other schools to witness this auspicious moment. Pictures of the Form 4s and form 5s interactors were put up for others to look at. Those were the pictures taken during the activities throughout the year. All who attended this installation were all given a door gift as remembrance.

The installation started off with speeches given by the guest of honour, Mr Francis Chan, the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club KL Diraja. Then, our outgoing president, Catherine and incoming president, Zhi-Yang were also invited on stage to give us a few words. Catherine showed us some photos of the Form 5 Interactors during her speech. The outgoing members were all given a certificate for their service and contributions to the club . The Form 4 Interactors were then installed. The Form 4s had been looking forward to this day and were very excited about it.

Last but not least, there were performances by the fFrm 4s to entertain the guests and students there. A short, funny but meaningful sketch was carried out. The band performance by Jen Xian, Zhi-Yang, Ivan, Shi Kai was truly electrifying. The students even shouted for an encore!

Everyone enjoyed themselves during the installation. Farewell to the Form 5s interators and all the best in your upcoming SPM examinations ! We, the Form 4s will always work hard to prove that we are all capable leaders, just like them.

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