Wednesday, August 12, 2009


On the 12th of August, a farewell party was held in KLCC for the Form 5 Interactors. We made a lot of different plans for this farewell and finally we settled on KLCC as the venue. We met some obstacles along the planning of this farewell but managed to tackle them. The following pictures will tell you the story. =)

Everyone gathered in the canteen and we left immediately after everyone was present. We went to KLCC by LRT. Everyone was buzzing as we were waiting for the train to come.

We started off with a game in which all the Form 5s were given some clues to find places and landmarks.

Our teacher advisors, Ms Teng and Mdm Norhayati. =)

After we gave the Form 5s the last clue, they managed to find the last station. California Pizza Kitchen!! This was where we had our farewell party.

On the table, there were pizzas and photo frames with our Form 4 Interactors' photo. Everyone was busy finding their own seat as all the seats were arranged with names.

Gifts from the Form 4s to Form 5s. We also gave a message box to our President, Catherine Kok and Vice President, Jonathan Yeoh.

Our Vice President opening the message box.

Everyone enjoying their meal.
After the meal, we went to prepare the two cakes for the President and Vice President. Among the candles, some were magic relighting candles.

Cheese cake.

Chocolate cake.

Everyone sang the Interact song before they blew out the candles.
Jonathan Yeoh (Vice President) trying very hard to blow the candles out. Every Form 5 helped too as some of the candles relit. =)

Cutting the cake.
Nearing the end of the farewell, everyone raised their glasses for a toast to the President, Catherine, Vice-President, Jonathan, and all the Form 5 Interactors.
Everyone enjoyed the farewell party and it will always be a part of our memories. We had been working together through thick and thin for almost a year and we had learned many important values, given rise to friendships and working together. We promise the Form 5s that we will work hard next year to prove that we all are capable leaders, just like them. =)

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