Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Carbon Footprint Challenge

If you read the StarTwo today, you would notice that a lot of articles touch on the green issue. In 2004, Malaysia spewed 177 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses placing us at No.26 among the world's top 30 emitters.

Let's face it. Turning off our lights and fans for an hour during Earth Hour was just a tiny step towards clearing our carbon-conscience. It's time for us to step up and clear our carbon footprint!

Here's how you can help;
1. Switch off fans, lights and airconds that are not in use.
2. Switch off all electronics that are left on "Standby" mode.
3. Unplug computers at night and on weekends.
4. Reduce the use of air-conditioner by an hour each day.
5. Raise your air-conditioner temperature by 1C
6. Shorten your shower by 5 minutes.
7. For those of you who love shopping, say no to plastic bags whenever you buy things. Instead, use a reusable bag.
8. Recycle old mobile phones
9. Recycle glass, paper, card, plastic, cans in school and at home.
10. Carpool
11. Cycle or walk for trips under 2km.

Let us all take part in The Carbon Footprint Challenge- Reduce It!

Every action counts (:

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