Friday, May 8, 2009

School Greenery Project organized by the future B.O.D. candidates

21 form 4s were chosen to become the future B.O.D. candidates. These 21 people were divided into 2 groups which is :

Group 1

1. Low Zhi-Yang

2. Ong Kar Jin

3. San Peggy

4. Caitlin Chen

5. Anisha

6. Lau Yen June

7. Jonathan Lee

8. Dhivya

9. Wei Shi Khai

10. Esther Foo

Group 2

1. Ivan Yun

2. Adrian Lee

3. Wong Ding Sheng

4. Lim Qing Wei

5. Kenneth Tan

6. Laura Ng

7. Cheng Khai Yuen

8. Deborah Pang

9. Peh Shuen Nyin

10. Giselle

11. Teo Pei Ji

After a short discussion, Group 1 decided to take beautify the ground floor area whereas Group 2 opted to work on the balcony area. We were given around 3 to 4 weeks to complete the project. Although there was much to do, with our exams coming, nevertheless, we really enjoyed ourselves as we carried out this project.

Group 1's report:
Project Name: Interact-ing With Nature

We, members of Group 1 frequently had meetings during lunch breaks and after school hours to discuss, present and evaluate ideas. We eventually, mutually agreed on specific designs for the two tasked areas. Different members were tasked to get different supplies needed for the project.
We stayed back after school for a total of 8 times for 1 to 3 hours, enjoying ourselves as we beautified the school compound. Finally, we worked together to transform the areas in the school compound into the final result, of which we are very proud! =)

Group 2's report:
Project Name: Eco-Paradise
We often have meetings during lunch to discuss and plan our project. Everyone gave their ideas and we tried to combine all the ideas together and it turned out nicely. Our teacher advisor, Madam Norhayati accompanied us throughout the project and guided us. Finally, the end product -- our very own Mini Garden! =) This Eco-Paradise of ours may need much maintenance but we are prepared to uphold its beauty.

Thats all for the photos.
We hope our contributions have helped "green-ify" our school!

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