Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hola Mexico!

Date : 1st April 2009
Venue : School Hall, Wesley Methodist School
Event : International Understanding Day

A Video Courtesy of the Mexican Embassy """ Embajada De México"

On the 1st of April 2009, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School hosted its 35th annual International Understanding Day, themed Mexican Fiesta. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of the word Mexico. Sombreros? Cactus? Many of us may know Mexico by name but not all of us know of the rich heritage that lies behind it. Mexico is rich in history and culture and it is my pleasure to share this learning experience with all of you today.

International Understanding Day is hosted every year, with a main goal to provide opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and understanding of community, national, and world affairs. This event was done in hopes of creating goodwill and friendship amongst people of the world, eliminating all religious, political or racial barriers which is the best instrument for world peace. Thus, a variety of performances, exhibitions and other activities were prepared on that day with hope to impart some knowledge on the history of Mexico to the guests.

Every Interactor was given an opportunity to participate in the organizing of this event. As duties were delegated, every club member was responsible in taking charge of many aspects of the planning of the event. Thus, this event was a success due to participation of the club as a whole that managed to work together as a single body.

The decoration team did a splendid job decorating the school hall according to the theme. All the club members rented costumes set in the time of Mexico to give our guests a somewhat similar experience as to actually being in Mexico. The club had also managed to get the cooperation of the Embassy of Mexico to provide some materials for use in our event.

The event was organized in such a way that the program did not go on in a conventional way, but instead it was presented by means of integrating the various items into a make-shift play. On the agenda, there were a couple of speeches and other performances, including a dance featuring the culture of Mexico, and a short but informative presentation on a brief history of Mexico. The presentation covered many aspects of Mexico, such as culture, economy, geography, festivals, people and food.

Later on in the evening, there was also some time allocated to give an opportunity for those interested in learning more about Mexico to visit the many exhibitions, prepared by the Interactors, and to also have an opportunity to win various prizes by taking part in a questionnaire. The event ended in the lat evening after the souvenirs and prizes were given out.

Among the many guests invited to grace the event that morning were the representative from the Embassy of Mexico, Rotary Club Diraja KL and of course our school principal, Mrs. Vimala Mathews. The Interactors have worked tirelessly for a couple of weeks in preparation for this event and their hard work has definitely paid off.

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