Saturday, July 15, 2017

On the 1st of July 2017, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School organized its annual Kids Carnival which was held in the school. The interactors arrived at school at 6.00am sharp to decorate the school while waiting for the arrival of the kids. The school assembly ground was decorated with colorful flags and balloons.
This year, the organizing committee was made up of five junior Interactors, led by the organizing chairperson, Int. Annabelle Lim, assisted by the assistant organizing chairperson, Int. Tee Swee Joong, as well as the secretary, treasurer and game master, Int. Hong Yu Heng, Int. Ashley Lim and Int. Chin Wan Lin respectively.
At 8.00am, kids from several orphanages and schools arrived at school and registered themselves at the canteen. There were a total of 78 kids and 10 caretakers. The kids were given a warm welcome by the Interactors. We played basketball and futsal with them before the opening ceremony. There were also photo booths for the kids to take pictures. At 8.30am, the kids were brought to the assembly ground for the opening ceremony. Then, ice breaker game was held. The kids played some games such as “Simon says...“and “Rock, Paper, Scissors Train” to get to know each other more.
Performances started at around 9.30am. Some Interactors prepared dances, songs and magic shows to entertain the kids. The kids were overwhelmed with the performances and gave a big round of applause after the Interactors finished performing. The kids were then separated into different groups such as Wonder Woman and Batman for the next event.
At 10.00 am sharp, the kids were given a short briefing about their next activity which was Station Games. The kids were allocated to different stations around the school and they played some educational games which the kids really enjoyed.
For lunch, the kids were served with fried rice, fried noodles, chicken wings, fruit tarts, isotonic drinks, cookies and brownies for their refreshments. After that, the kids took part in the creative session which allowed them to explore a new talents which ranged from sand art, making bracelets from recyclable items, rock painting, and also face painting.
At 1.00pm, the prize ceremony was held at the canteen. The best overall group for the station games was announced and various prizes were given out. Hampers were also given to the orphanage homes and schools. Lastly the event ended with a group photo. It was really a memorable day for both the Interactors and for the kids who attended our event. We hope that the kids will not forget the memories that they made in the event with the Interactors.

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