Wednesday, July 19, 2017

30-Hour Famine

In collaboration with World Vision Malaysia, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International) was given the permission to organise an external 30-Hour Famine on our own. This year's 30-Hour Famine was held from the 8th to the 9th of July with at our own school grounds. The main purpose of 30-Hour Famine is to raise awareness on hunger in other countries. This camp is to let the participants experience hunger that we often take for granted. A donation booklet was handed way before the event to let the participants collect donations, all proceeds with go to World Vision Malaysia.
The event started off at 8.30am with a short opening ceremony where a representative from World Vision Malaysia to present a speech regarding hunger and the need for famine. He openly shared his experience on his mission in Vietnam where he volunteered to help and serve the people there.
At 9.ooam, a short ice breaking session was held in order for the participants to break the ice. ‘Blow wind blow’ was a classic favourite amongst the students and every round, the losers would have to carry out a punishment. After the groups of students and facis were formed, they were given time to come up with a war cry and to present their flag.
After that, ‘Famine Challenge’ was held where the students were required to play games related to famine. At 4.00pm the participants were given a short break to wash up and to rest before the next activity which was going to start at 7pm.
The next activity was the long anticipated “Mystery Night’, the participants were gathered in the hall for a short briefing on the story plot before being allowed to roam the school in order to find clues to solve the mystery of the game. The game ended at 1030 and the participants were allowed to wash up before lights out which was at 12am.
Morning exercise was held at 7am the next morning where the participants had to perform simple warm-ups and exercises. Next on the agenda was the station games which started at 9am and went on until 12pm. The participants were then allowed to pack up their stuff before proceeding to the hall for a movie.
At 2.30, the participants were required to gather at the canteen for the prize giving ceremony where the placing for the groups were announced. A few participants were asked to share their experience that they gained throughout this camp. At 3 pm sharp, the participants were finally allowed to eat and the whole canteen was full with joy as they had successfully completed the 30-Hour Famine Challenge.

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