Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Work it kiddos! -PBS Workshop 2013'

The PBS kids are back and keen as ever to learn!! The annual PBS workshop was held on the 4th of December by the Interactors for our lovable kids. The kids arrived at 8a.m and were registered, divided into groups such as Mickey, Daisy, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. We prepared workshops that consist of three different aspects, which were living skills, education and also physical. The kids were introduced to interesting activities that at the same time increases their knowledge on the three respective aspects.

Put on your thinking caps! 

  A 'smashing' time with potatoes! 

Kids making their own stress balls 

De-stressing a stress ball :D



 Team Swag !

 Kids lining up to receive handmade keychains!

Dynamic Duo ready to save the world! 

The event ended at around 12.30p.m with the Interactors bidding farewell to the kids with a heavy heart. It was truly hard to say goodbye and we learned from them as much as they have from our activities. We certainly hope the kids had an enjoyable time with us and we look forward to be able to play with them again!

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Dispatching Dreams, Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur '13/'14

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