Saturday, January 4, 2014

Interact Club 39th Annual Installation

The Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School held it's 39th Annual Installation on the 28th of August with the theme 'Dispatching Dreams'. The event was held in the school Chapel and we were honoured to have a few Rotarians as our guests of honour.

The event was kickstarted off by the junior Interactors holding a purple balloon with a heart on it which was then replaced by a cloud. This was to symbolize the changing of the theme of the year 2012/2013 "Linking Hearts" to the theme of year 2013/2014 "Dispatching Dreams". Then, the 'Negaraku' was sung followed by the Interact Song. After that, Madam Chia, our beloved school principal gave her speech followed by Rotarian PDG Dato' Dr Mustapha Ma. The outgoing president, Int. Ng Wen Yie then gave her speech along with a slideshow presentation. 

After a walk down memory lane, the outgoing Form 5 Interactors are awarded with a certificate of recognition for their hard work throughout the year for the club. There were also specials awards such as 'Best Interactor' and 'Most Caring Interactor' that was awarded to Int. Tan Renee and Int. Lionel Lee respectively. Following the outgoing Interactors were the incoming Interactors who were installed shortly after. 

The incoming and outgoing Board of Directors then had their gift exchanging session. Each of the gift represents the role of which the Director plays in the club. Next up, the incoming President, Int. Lee Ren Ee presented her speech.

The event ended with a short performance by the junior Interactors followed by some light refreshments. 


Outgoing President handing over her legacy 

Interactors singing their hearts out   

Jump high and reach higher! 
Board of Directors of year 2012/2013

Board of Directors of year 2013/2014 

We would like to thank the Rotarians, teachers and all the guests that attended our 39th Annual Installation, your support is much appreciated! :)

Thank you for reading! 
Dispatching Dreams, Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur '13/'14

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