Sunday, September 15, 2013

Famine Camp 2013-Fight Hunger!


Fasting from food and drinks excluding plain water for 30 hours sounds like an impossible feat to us food-loving Wesleyans, however that’s exactly what 120 students and 5 teacher advisors did on one weekend and for a totally worthwhile cause too! On the 13th till 14th of July, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist school organized its annual 30-Hour Famine Camp in conjunction with World Vision Malaysia. The theme this year was “Fight Hunger!” and aimed to fend off hunger from the lives of those living in Malaysia. 
Here are some pictures to show what an amazing time the campers (and the form five Interactors as facillitators) had while trying to fight hunger! Enjoy!

 The morning started off with a few ice breakers to kickstart the event!

                              Then, everyone headed outdoors for more vigorous activities

                          The highlight of the night, the Mystery Game!

A group photo of the form five Interactors who worked so hard to organize this camp :)

           Through this event, the Interact Club managed to raise a staggering amount of 
RM 11000 thanks to generous donations by the campers, out of which a hundred percent will be channeled to World Vision Malaysia to assist those in need, rebuild homes, and construct better conditioned water supply systems. Thanks to this event, many more people will be blessed with clean food and water, as well as safer homes to live in.

A special shout out to our Principal for allowing us to have this camp, the teacher advisors who starved alongside us, the participants who donated generously and agreed to run around on empty stomachs, and especially the form five Interactors as well as the organizing committee! 

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