Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jam with Jamaicans! -WMSIUDAY '13

Whaa gwaan yaah mi breddah? 

(as some Jamaicans would say)

Here's a flashback of one of the highlights of the year, our very own International Understanding Day 2013 themed 'Jam with Jamaicans!' The Interact Club worked through sweat and blood (figuratively) for many months to come up with a spectacular knock-your-socks-off IU Day!!! What are you waiting for? Let's get scrolling! (Whoop whoop!)

                               Some of our high octane greeters at the front door :)

                                      A few gorgeous girls from the registration team

                                            Visiting Interactors being registered

                          Hello some of our seniors and our beloved teacher advisor

                                                         More seniors! Looking good!

                                            A very dramatic opening by our emcees 

                                          Our Board of Directors '13 opening number

                                         Our grand opening featuring all our Interactors! 
                                        One of our actresses on stage during the sketch       

                                A very heart warming moment during the sketch (Awww)

                                              A funny and informative skit that had 
                                       everyone howling with laughter!

                          IUDD showing off their dance moves in a eerily intense dance. 
                                                       More scenes from our sketch!

                                                                     Eeek a ghost!
                                            Hip action from one of our male dancers

                                                               Scary dance move                      

                                                           Our dancers...dancing

                                                       Sketch from our Info Group

                                              Who's the babe hidden behind the cloth?

Presentation of Souvenirs (Multicoloured beans in a jar)

This event would not be possible if it were not 
for our lovely IU Directors and teacher advisors!

A group shot of the BOD 2013 striking a cheeky pose!

Group shot of all the Interactors after the event looking smashing in their retro Jamaican inspired costumes! We were tremendously lucky to be able to pull off such a successful event and had such a great time not just bonding with each other but executing each of our tasks whether it was managing the sound system, decorating the whole area, preparing the refreshments as well as performing onstage. We hoped everyone enjoyed watching the performance as much as we did performing for all who attended that day.

Goodbye! And 'walk good' as the Jamaicans would say (:

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