Friday, January 18, 2013

The Kids are back! PBS Workshop 2012

The Kids Are Back :)

On the 4rd of December, we had the pleasure of seeing the kids from Pusat Bantuan Sentul again! After registration, the opening ceremony took place at 8.40 followed by an entertaining dance performance and ice-breakers.

Among the workshops held were education,creative, and living skills and lasted a period of 20 minutes. The children rotated among the stations and participated in the activities that had been prepared to teach them in a creative way.

The kids were led to the canteen for a short break before moving on to some station games. After that, they were served a mouth-watering lunch prepared by the food group and then prepared to say goodbye upon being presented souvenirs to bring back to their respective homes. Not forgetting a final photo of all the Interactors with the PBS children.

1.20 pm was the official time that marked the end of an eventful day. 
Everything went as planned as we all had a wonderful time!
-Linking Hearts 2012/2013-

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