Thursday, July 19, 2012

I.U Day - Get "SAMOA" From Us!

Sorry for the late update everyone!

We did tell you to anticipate breathtaking dances,hilarious sketches,mind blowing presentations and many other epic displays of talents.

I'm sure all that waiting paid off.

On the 20th of April 2012, your dreams became a reality. Come on in if you want to know SAMOA.

Tiki Faces - A common sight in Samoa.

It all started with the mindblowing open ceremony, the famous Samoan Hakka. The Interactors managed to pull off the Hakka very well, in the true Samoan spirit.

                                Our two very dramatic emcees for the day,Pravin and Katarina.

 The  four part dance performance by our very own IUDD 2.0,also known as the International Unit Of Deadly Dancers 2.0. Part 1 of the story tells a tale of two sisters who are parted by death as one of the sisters was killed by a tribe of deadly headhunters.

The sketch about a young man with a mission presented to him by the Samoan King. He is instructed to slay a monster whose head turns into a taro when slain. *dum,dum,dum*

After our amazing actors left the stage, an informational video was played for the audience. In the video, a Samoan Chief is teaching the audience how to start a fire. The audience were then treated to a virtual tour around the captivating island of Samoa.

The closing speech by our wonderful I.U Directors, Jolene and Hsin Yue.  They ended their speech with a suprise video depicting funny 'behind the scene' moments in preparation for this fantastic I.U Day. For the closing ceremony, the Interactors sang a heartwarming Samoan tune. Guests were then invited to the canteen to enjoy delicious Samoan cuisine.

All in all, the 38th International Understanding Day was a huge success. A big thank you to each and every Interactor and our dear teacher advisors, as well as all those who attended and supported this IU Day.   

We hope you managed to get SAMOA. :)


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