Friday, July 20, 2012

Have A Heart,Run The Yard - Cross Country 2012

Lake Gardens...
25th February 2012...

Our Interact Club held its Annual Cross Country once again this year at Lake Gardens. This year's theme was 'Have A Heart, Run The Yard'.

The event was held to raise funds to help the underprivileged, to instill a spirit of charity and compassion among students as well to promote bonding amongst students.  Proceeds and funds were collected and directed entirely to charity. Every student was given a donation card each in order to collect donations. Interactors managed to get various sponsors for the event.

The event officially began at 7.30am with the opening speech by the two emcees, Benjamin Lee and Sara-Ann. Then our principle, Madam Chia Loy Tian gave her speech, followed up by our guest of honour, Mr Khor Hong Yin’s speech. After all the speeches, the students were led into some morning exercises before the run.

All the upper secondary students were brought to the starting point at 8.00am and the guest of honour, Mr Khor Hong Yin flagged them off. This was followed by the flagging off of the lower secondary students, teachers and finally the parents and ex-students.

                                                    Int. Chern Xi at his designated station

Our teacher advisor,Madam Norhayati

At the end of the race, light snacks and drinks were served to the participants and everyone was gathered at the starting point again for the prize giving ceremony. Before the prize giving ceremony began, the organizing person, Jonathan Lau Kean Leong addressed the crowd of participants, thanking them for their support and enthusiasm in the event.

The 'water boys' for the day.

Refreshments station

                                                       During the prize giving ceremony

The Community Service Directors

The event officially ended at 10.00am, though the Interactors stayed back to clean up the area until 10.30am. All in all, the event was a resounding success. A big thank you to all the sponsors, the Interactors and of course all those who attended and supported the event.

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