Friday, March 17, 2017

Cross Country 2017

On the 4th of March 2017, the Interact Club of WMSKL(I) organized it's annual cross country event themed 'Charity Miles, Radiant Smiles' in Lake Garden from 7am till 11am. The purpose of this event was to collect as much donations as possible and to donate them as a sign of appreciation of how grateful we are of what we have. To spice things up this year, we added a special category which is the relay where teams of 3 would be running the course. By joining this category, each team member is only require to run 2km instead of the usual 6km run. This was to cater for those students that would prefer to run shorter distances. 

The students were reminded to reach the venue before 715am whereas the Interactors were required to be there by 6am sharp to do our preparations for the course. The students were asked to sit according to their classes to take attendance while those participating in relays were told to sit separately. The event started off with the singing of the national anthem followed by the Interact Song. Morning exercise was conducted right after a short speech by our Principal, Mdm Chia. 

After that, the flag off for each category took place. The Interactors were specifically placed at each stations to ensure that the students would not take the wrong route and also to encourage them as much as possible. 

After every participant arrived back at the meeting point, the prize ceremony for the top winners of each category began. After that, our Guest Of Honour, Rotarian Hardeep Singh was invited to give his speech and it was indeed an inspiring one. 

After the dismissal of all the students, the Interactors stayed back to ensure that the place was clean. This event was a huge success due to the overwhelming support from all the participants and also the hard work put in by the teacher advisors and Interactors of the Interact Club of WMSKL(I).Special thanks to Int. Kelly Goh and Int. Nigel Lee for coordinating this event!

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