Wednesday, June 1, 2016

30-Hour Famine 2016

In collaboration with World Vision Malaysia, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International) was given the permission to organise an external 30-Hour Famine on our own. This year's 30-Hour Famine was held from the 21st to the 22nd of May with the theme "Hunger Must Go" at our own school grounds. 110 participants along with 31 facilitators and 5 teacher advisors were in this camp. The main purpose of 30-Hour Famine is to raise awareness on hunger in other countries. This camp is to let the participants experience hunger that we often take for granted. A donation booklet was handed way before the event to let the participants collect donations, all proceeds with go to World Vision Malaysia.

The camp and countdown kicked started at 8:30am. Our guest of honour President Elect of the Rotary Club KL Diraja Dr. Hardeep Singh gave his speech as an opening. Then we had the opportunity to have the youth mobiliser of World Vision Malaysia, Shi Ning to give a short speech and presentation of what hunger and famine was all about. She also shared about her experience on a mission trip to China where she got to experience and see what people who lived in poverty and hunger were like. Then, our Vice Principal Mr. Nathan gave his speech, followed by the organising chairperson, Int. Han Chun Ting.

As 30-Hour Famine camp was a yearly affair, it was greatly anticipated by the participants. Participants wanted a fun-filled camp where they wouldn't even think about hunger, and I guess this camp succeeded. The committee and facilitators worked tirelessly to ensure the fun of this camp. With exams and holidays in the way, they still managed to work this camp. Ice breakers, educational games and station games were amongst the fun activities that were carried out throughout the 30 hours. These activities challenged the participants' mental and physical strength and capacity. So participants were like "meh", but some really couldn't take it. Every single game designed has been approved by World Vision Malaysia and was aimed to bring focus to this year's famine goal (raising awareness on the importance of hospitality for the poor and needy).

The next morning, games continued until 2:30pm where we broke fast. This was the official closing of the camp. Some participants were so hungry to the point where they chomped down everything, but some were more chill and took in everything slowly. Regardless, this camp managed to convey the message about real-world issues of poverty and injustice in many third-world countries. Issues as such should not be looked upon lightly because everyone has the right to get enough food and nutrition. This event was simply just a start to opening up the hearts of those who are truly willing to help. Aside from that, participants also bonded with one another as they had to overcome challenges with their teammates.

We would like to thank World Vision Malaysia, the Famine 2016 committee as well as the facilitators for putting up such a fun-tastic camp! As hungry and tired as we were, it was satisfying to know that we all starved for a good cause. We hope that this camp ignited a flame in your heart to help those living in poverty and hunger because "Hunger Must Go".

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