Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cross Country 2016: Be Their Clarity, Run For Charity

Our annual cross country was themed "Be Their Clarity, Run For Charity". There is a deep meaning that lies behind this sweet theme: "Be Their Clarity" means to be a helping hand to the ones in need and to make sure that they can live an easy and happy life, and "Run For Charity" means to put one foot in front of another and at the same time raise funds for the needy. This meaningful event was held on the 27th of February at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. The event started at 7:30am and ended around 10am (very much due to the organized flow of event that day). The event started off by a speech from our principal Mdm. Chia Loy Tian, then our very own Interactors emcees took over and it was proceeded by morning exercise.

On the morning of the event, our very own Interactors and teacher advisors arrived as early as 6:00am and began unloading the lorry, setting up tents and arranging all the necessaries (food, equipment, sound system etc). As the day got brighter, more and more students arrived. They lined up in each of their classes in an orderly manner and their homeroom teachers took the attendance. We were very humbled by the presence of our guest of honour, President Rotarian Hardeep Singh who came at 7:15am to officiate the event. After the national anthem, Wesley anthem and Interact song have been sung, followed by a prayer by the school Chaplain Mr. Oliver Wong, our Principal Mdm Chia gave her speech.

As usual, a short morning exercise session was led by our Interactors. At 8:40am, we flagged off our first batch of participants - U15 Girls, followed by it were the U15 Boys, U18 Girls, U18 Boys and finally the parents, teachers and ex-students category. This year, the route of the race increased to a distance of 5km, and there were 27 stations in total. Two Interactors were placed in every station, accompanied by a teacher to act as an energy booster and to make sure the participants were going to right way and were safe. Some stations were water stations so that no one got dehydrated during the run. Even though the route was extended by at least twice of last year's, the participants managed to finish everything by 10am! How impressive! Refreshments were served back at the gathering point.

Then, President Rotarian Hardeep Singh gave his speech, followed by the prize giving ceremony. Prizes were awarded to the top 10 winners of each category and top 2 for the teachers, parents and ex-students category. The highest donors for Cross Country were also given prizes such as iPad minis, victoria secret perfumes, Adidas sports bags, hampers et cetera. Around 10:45am, our Community Service Director, Int. Koay Tze Ni gave her speech of gratitude to the participants and Interactors. Students were dismissed at 11:15am and the Interactors proceeded with cleaning the compound.

Thanks to everyone's generosity and support, all 1006 students managed to collect a magnificent amount of RM100,000.00. We would also like to thank our very supportive sponsors for sponsoring us be it goods or cash so that our event could succeed. Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our very own members for working non-stop to ensure the smooth-running of this event, not forgetting our teacher advisors - Madam Norhayati, Miss Lavanya as well as Mr Kenneth, thank you so much!

Enjoy some photos from the event.

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