Sunday, January 3, 2016

Carnival 2015: Retro Reborn

This year, the theme of our carnival was "Retro Reborn", the objective and meaning of this theme was to let students reminisce the games they used to play when they were younger, kind of like to bring back old happy times! On carnival morning, Madam Chia officiated the event and in just a few minutes, the school was bustling. Many students purchased their coupons and went off the play.

Carnival this year took a complete change from previous years. We added some new games such as "Break the Code", "the Mr. Bean Game", "Can Shooting", an ARM WRESTLING booth (for the ones who wanted to show dem biceps!), a face painting booth, the infamous water-questioning game, balloon popping (with water guns), food eating competition and even a movie theater, and a few old movies were chosen to play! Of course, who could forget - foosball and dodgeball tournaments were held as per usual. Even though the Interactors only had about a month to prepare, we managed to pull it off.

In each game station, students  were rewarded stamps and by the end of carnival, they could use their stamps to redeem items and goodies at our ticketing counter. Prizes such as preloved (old but in good condition) shirts from past events, cute earphones, cute bottles and other stuff were up for grabs too!

The food this year received good responses from the students too! Hours before carnival actually finished, the food was already sold out (good job Interactors!). Each game station had students come up literally every second, and the Interactors worked non-stop from 8am to 12pm. There was also a song booth whereby students could request or dedicate songs to be played. The Interactors also took time to prepare and made a photo booth based entirely on Mario Kart!

Overall, the Interactors had a busy but fun time facilitating and helping around and we were sure the non-Interactors had their well-needed relaxation after a year long of stuDYING ;) The event then ended with sighs from everyone and the Form 3 Interactors also helped with cleaning up after the event. Anyhow, we want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and helped - be it planning and organizing, contributing ideas, setting up, cleaning up or even taking part - if it weren't for YOU guys, the event would not have been successful! And to our teacher advisors and two amazing Funding Directors Int. Lim Zhe Shean and Int. Kally Tan, THANK YOU! :)

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