Thursday, April 24, 2014

WMSKL Interact Club 40th IU Day - A German Getaway

The Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School held its annual and also its 40th International Understanding Day on the 28th of February 2014. The theme this year –A German Getaway, promoted the understanding of the vibrant nation, Germany. This event was planned over the course of the two months, January and February. We gathered to plan and practice during our weekly meetings on Wednesdays, and with sweat and blood prepared with all our hearts the best that we can give for our IU Day. On the day, a rough number of 700 people attended this event which comprised of interactors from other schools, Wesleyans, teachers, parents, rotarians and the guest of honor. The event kick started at 3.45p.m upon the arrival of the Guest of Honour, The head of arts and culture Miss Kathrin Heidl, the Rotarians, President Chan Kam Fatt, Past District Governor Mustapha Ma, Past President Frank Lim Hook Hing, Rotarian Mohd Nor Halim, Rotarian Wan Rasul, Rotarian Jimmy Lim, Rotarian Mohan Sigh and our principal, Mdm Chia. After they were seated, the opening ceremony began whereby the interactors of the club re-enacted short war scene to hype up the mood.

Our Interactor dressed up as an Easter Bunny; a mythical creature originated from Germany 

After that, the emcees for the event made their jaw dropping entrance.

Int. Jeannie Hor & Sheena as our Dynamic Duo emcees :D 

The Dancers of the Interact Club made their appearance soon after. The dance sequence was split into three parts and was a tale about four witches. 

The soldiers ! 

 Aaaaaand the ferocious witches !

Our IU Day dance crew ; IUDD 4.0

The sketch performed by the sketch team told a story of how a boy named Julian how he learnt the true meaning of “family” after reading his mother’s journal about her sacrifices during war. 

One of our few scenes from the heart warming and hilarious sketch! 

Before the event started, the information group set up a couple of booths displaying information about Germany. They also had a performance slot during the event in which they did a talk show, further explaining German facts. Several speeches were also made throughout the event.

Rotarian President Chan Kam Fatt giving his speech

Our guest of honour,Miss Kathrin Heidl presenting her speech

Cute info group girls ^.^

A talk-show themed info presentation
In the image above ; Mr Einstein(right) telling Ms Heidi Klum(left) a joke ;)

The informative info group :D

Kudos to the deco group for creating a German atmosphere in our whole event hall!

Last but not least, a mandatory group photo of the members of WMSKL Interact Club!

The event ended at 5.30 p.m. and refreshments were served. The event was a huge success, hats off to the talented and hardworking Interactors of the Interact Club ’14, our beloved I.U Directors Ashvinnie Sivakaran and Leow Tjun Wei, and the teacher advisors, Madam Norhayati Baharom, Madam Vicky Ganesan and Mr Choo.
We hope that all those who attended had a great time and got to know more about Germany! Thank you for your unending support and we hope to see all of you again next year! :D 

Thank you for reading! 

Dispatching Dreams, Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur '13/'14

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