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Cross Country 2011

19th February...
Titiwangsa Park...

Yes, our Interact Club held the annual Cross Country for 2011 except this time instead of the usual Lake Gardens, we had it in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. This year's theme is 'Compassion in Motion, running for their lives'.

The event was aimed at helping those in need as well as serving the underprivileged, to instill the spirit of charity and social consciousness among our students, and to promote the spirit of good sportsmanship as well as friendship among participants. Proceeds and funds were collected and directed entirely to charity. Around 1100 people including teachers, students, and parents participated in the race which was held on a Saturday morning from 6.30 a.m. to 12.oop.m. Every student was given a donation card each in order to collect donations with a minimum donation of RM 35.

We managed to get various sponsors for the event. Food and refreshments were catered by our school canteen operator who prepared fried banana fritters, curry puffs and “kuih gulung”. V-soy Soya bean milk, F&N,, Revive, Gardenia, Lotte Mart, Sunway SDN BHD, Mc Donalds, Carrefour and Nestle, were among the major sponsors for the event.

The guests on the day of the event consisted of Dato’ Dr. Tan Kee Hwong, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Wesley Methodist School, Datuk A.R Peter, the past principal of Wesley Methodist School, Mrs. Matthews the immediate past school principal, Madam Chia Loy Tian, the school principal, Madam Pearl Moses, the vice principal; teachers, parents and students.

After the event was declared open, some basic warming up exercises were conducted by the Presidents of the Interact Club Yeoh Kai Yuan and Eric Soo Wai Lik. There were two routes. The first route was only about 4.4km and was for the under 15 student category, teachers, and parents. The other route was about 6.6km for the Under 18 category and past students of Wesley Methodist School. As the space was limited, and each round around the lake was 2.2km, the former categories ran twice about the lake and the latter three times.

Participants lining up

Our emcees, Calan and Kimberly

The run began with the Under 15 and then the Under 18 Girls, followed by the boys, teachers, parents and ex students. The entire route was covered by Interactors stationed at intervals along the route. Small arrowed signs were also placed to direct the students along the right route. Each student was to obtain a coloured band upon completing each round to ensure that no one cheated.

The prizes were presented by our past principals Datuk A.R Peter and Mrs Matthews. The prizes included 2 Lenova Screens, 2 Samsung mp3s, 4 Justin Bieber concert tickets, 2 Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 4 GB Thumbdrives, 5 Sunway theme park tickets, computer mouse, keyboards, water bottles, a HP Printer, Custom Made Pens, Addidas deodorant, Body Shop set, cups, and a diary. The highest donor for the event was awarded a brand new computer screen and the other top donors with individual hampers. The highest supporting classes of each form on the other hand were also rewarded with hampers each.

Thank you all everyone, the students of WMS and the Interactors for making this event a success.

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