Saturday, December 11, 2010

PBS Workshop

On the 22nd of November 2010, the Interact Club of Wesley Methodist School organized their second ever children’s workshop for the children of Pusat Bantuan Sentul. The workshop is aimed to further strengthen the relationship between members of the club and the children, as well as helping the children in making sellable items for the upcoming festive Christmas season as well as acquiring art and craft skills, useful in daily life. A short celebration with food and drinks was also held in conjunction with the World Children’s Day celebrated worldwide on the 20th of November annually.

At 9.00 a.m, the children from PBS gathered in school and a brief registration was held whereby the children obtained sticker nametags and had some cupcakes and drinks for breakfast. Afterwhich, the children and interactors gathered at the assembly ground for two games as ice breakers. The first was “Blow Wind Blow”, all of us had a great time rushing from chair to chair. Next was the classic “Musical Chairs”. Slowly the finalists were narrowed down and it ended with a top 5 all male children!

the circle was bigger then...
and by the time we were about done...

After which the children were seated in the canteen for their first arts and crafts session. There were to make a reindeer wall hanging item out of paper plates and basic materials. The children did a fine job.

Then, the children, wrestles, had a short ten minute round of football. Thirsty and tired, the children had a break of juice cordial and fried mee hoon and nuggets. Then they settled down for their second arts and crafts session. The children were divided into three groups, each group to do bookmarks, pencil holders, and cards respectively in conjunction with the festive season. Interactors tended to each group, helping the children make their items.

Arts and crafts session 2

At 12.30 pm, the children finished up their masterpieces and played another game, “ Pass The Parcel”. We had more than a few laughs at each other, doing the punishments written on the layers. Then we all had a scrumptious lunch of nasi lemak and pasta, with jelly for dessert.

After a quick round of football, the time soon came for the children to go home. After a group photo and distribution of party packs, we bid the children of PBS goodbye. Hoping that we had achieved our aim of making them happy and treating them to a day of fun with our company.

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