Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pusat Bantuan Sentul Workshop

The last Interact Club project of year 2009 was a Pusat Bantuan Sentul workshop, held for all the kids that frequent the centre. The last time we had them all at our school was during the Kids' Carnival (which was, given that so much has happened since then, a VERY long time ago). This time we decided to do something entirely different- a motivational workshop centred around teamwork, achieving your dreams and most importantly, having fun while doing it.

And so, the PBS Workshop was born- an event that I hope will become an annual affair, simply because it was so much fun (for the kids AND Interactors). The workshop was held over two days, the first of the school holidays, the 23rd and 24th of November. Day 1 focused more on skills, personal development and teamwork whereas Day 2 focused on career, life goals and games.

FYI, Pusat Bantuan Sentul is a non-profit based centre that works with children from all ages, who usually come from difficult backgrounds. It is a place where the kids go for homework help, and WMS Interactors visit the centre twice a week to help them with their work. Next year, we'll be teaching them how to use the centre's newly-installed computer.

After the kids (aged from 8 to 16) arrived at our school, we got them registered and divided into groups, according to colours. After the opening ceremony, we played a few icebreakers and then started the arts and crafts session.

Funding Director Ong Kar Jin conducting the motivational session on Day 2. (sorry, pictures are not quite in order)

Interactor Laura helping out with the arts and crafts using recycled materials.

Plasticine animals!

On Day 2, we talked to the kids about their dreams and goals. We were glad to see that all of them seem to know exactly what they want to achieve in their lives, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Another activity was to give each participant a piece of paper and a pencil, and ask them to draw exactly what they want in life. This activity unearthed interesting dreams- most of the boys drew men wearing suits and carrying briefcases with a sports car in the background, one boy drew a doctor, and a little girl drew a big house on an island.
Later on we took the kids to the Chapel for a movie screening.

Our teacher advisor, Cik Norhayati, brought along her 3 nephews and a niece. This is one of her nephews snuggling up to Interactor Jeremy.

Cik Norhayati's nephew.
After two long days, the Interactors and the participating kids were exhausted. During the closing ceremony, certificates of participation and gift bags were handed out to all the kids.
The pioneer PBS Workshop turned out to be a successful event that brought us much closer to the kids. They clearly had a lot of fun and we are glad to have been involved with this project. Thank you to all the Interactors who participated, worked tirelessly and made this event what it was.

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