Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kids' Carnival 2009

On the 20th of June, the Interact Club had our annual Kids' Carnival. Children from several organisations came for the event and we are happy to report that everyone enjoyed themselves, Interactors included. :)

When the kids arrived, they were brought into the school, where we tried to make them feel as welcome as possible.

For icebreakers we danced the macarena and had several games. Then, the station games began!

The children were divided at random into several animal-themed groups, such as Dog, Snake, Cat, Wolf et cetera. They found each other by making their group animal's sound, such as a bark for Dog, and took part in the station games as their groups.

We went by the point system, and the group with the highest amount of points would be declared the winner at the end of the event.

There was a petting zoo too. :D

After about an hour of running around and having fun, we merged in the canteen for refreshments.

We also had a creative session, during which the children enjoyed doodling and drawing on white caps, which they got to take home. How often are you allowed to graffiti your clothes, right? :)

Sadly, the fun had to end eventually. Prizes were given for Most Creative Child, Best Group and All-round Best Child.

The children were clearly sad to leave as they seemed to have had a great day. Several cried upon departure, and we were sad to say goodbye too. :(

However, we saw the event as a great success and, although things could have been done to improve it, we learned lessons in organising it and had a wonderful experience.

*More pictures to be added soon!

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